The Divine Comedy: A New Verse Translation by Clive James. Dante Alighieri

The Divine Comedy: A New Verse Translation by Clive James
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The Divine Comedy: A New Verse Translation by Clive James Dante Alighieri
Publisher: Liveright Publishing Corporation

He is As a New Zealander, I had grown up inculcated with the expectation that I would never hear an Australian accent applied to complete sentences, let alone sentences quite this large, delivered with a droll gleefulness that inflated them until they enveloped three distinct ideas and finally burst into four separate punchlines. Apr 14, 2014 - But to me, the best part of the Divine Comedy is the relationship between Dante and his guide, Virgil. Virgil is voiced by David Warner as a thoughtful matter-of-fact older man Theirs is the close bond that develops between travelling companions. I started my second reading of the Divine Comedy in January (this time in the recent translation by Clive James). Jan 8, 2014 - The Christian version of what happens to this soul once it departs the body is most vividly expressed in Dante's Divine Comedy, recently newly translated into English by Clive James. THIS may not be on everyone's "to do" list but I have always vowed to read Dante The Divine Comedy. Oct 9, 2013 - Dante scholar Peter Hainsworth reviews a new translation of The Divine Comedy in the 10/4 TLS. Jul 5, 2013 - If you follow the literary blogosphere, you know that Mark Edmundsen just weighed in on this age with a tweedily earnest essay in Harper's, called “Poetry Slam, or The Decline of American Verse.” Perhaps it struck . Jan 10, 2014 - I really should read anything pre-1900 – I've only read one Austen and two Dickens, now on my bedside is Clive James' new translation of Dante's Divine Comedy. I will be reading new and published poems. Jul 20, 2013 - BOOK: Dante the Divine Comedy TRANSLATED BY: Clive James PUBLISHER: Picador, Pan Macmillan RRP: $32.99. And only about ten years ago, Adam Kirsch declared in Slate “a golden age of Dante translation,” though I don't think Kirsch expects we'll have a new Divine Comedy anytime soon. Nov 3, 2013 - Listening to the podcasts I tend to get, you'd think Clive James' new translation of The Divine Comedy would be the talk of the town. 2 - 4pm Fletchertown community centre. Apr 10, 2014 - He has written five memoirs, four novels, nine books of poetry, and last year completed a translation of The Divine Comedy.

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